Petroleum oil refinery produces hydrocarbons and intermediates from crude oil which broadly includes fuels, petrochemical feedstocks and other products like grease, waxes etc. Production involves processes like physical separation, chemical conversion, treatment or purification from crude oil.

Processing of crude oil requires large volume of water. There are numerous processing steps in which steam, condensate or cooling water comes in contact with petroleum or petroleum products. In addition to this, refineries also consume large volume of non contact cooling water. Aqueous effluents from refining processes contain a diverse range of pollutants including oil, phenol, sulphides, dissolved solids, suspended solids, toxic metals and biodegradable organics.

Usual waste water treatment flow sheet includes primary oil separation, secondary oil separation, biological treatment and tertiary treatment before reuse of water in the system.

Oil separation is achieved by treatment through Tilted plate interceptors (TPI) or Advanced oil separators (API) units which is followed by Dissolved Air Flotation system for further removal of oil and grease. These units are followed by primary clari-flocculators, Activated Sludge Systems, Secondary Clarifiers, Tertiary systems. Sludge produced from primary treatment and Secondary System is processed through dewatering unit to get sludge cake. ADDSORB & CFLOC series is a group of products which are applicable at various stage of treatment in oil refinery waste water treatment.

CFLOC series products are poly-Dadmac or polyamine based de-emulsifiers which efficiently break emulsion and coagulate oil and grease present in the waste water. These products are added in inlet to API / TPI and DAF systems. ADDSORB POLYMERS are emulsion and powder flocculants of Anionic, Nonionic and Cationic nature for use DAF as well as Clari-flocculator to agglomerate fine suspended particles. Ultra high molecular weight polymers of ADDSORB grade are for use in dewatering units.

Better de-emulsification and coagulation of oil and grease in API / TPI/ DAF units reduces organic load on the secondary systems and ensures better treatment efficiency. Use of ADDSORB flocculants improve efficiency of primary and secondary sedimentation process by better agglomeration and increased rate of settling of suspended solids and thereby associated biological and chemical oxygen demand. Therefore, load on the secondary process is reduced.

ADDSORN Dewatering Aid series, effectively reduces, moisture content in the oil sludge in dewatering units for better cake formation and dryer sludge for disposal.