We offer a complete range of products required for mining, mineral beneficiation, slime and waste water treatment. ADDMINE range covers speciality performance products for Froth Flotation, Pelletisation, Dewatering, Sedimentation, Slime Treatment and Water Treatment for recycling and reuse

Ore Beneficiation
Wet processing of mineral becomes essential to recover the trace of metal present in the mines. After effective recovery of desired metal from this slurry there is generation of slurry with minimum quantity of mineral and maximum percentage of gangue. This slime is treated to produce clear water for recirculation in the plant and prevent any pollution from discharge of high solid material in the nature. The particles present in the slime are very minute in nature and are not easy to settle. Application of flocculent is required to effectively treat the slime. Major among the slime producing processes are discussed hereunder.
Coal beneficiation or preparation involves cleaning, crushing and classification of coal particles to achieve a product quality suitable for end use which may be a power plant or steel plant in majority of cases. It is primary aim of a beneficiation plant to increase calorific value and reduce ash or gangue content in the washed coal.

In the beneficiation process, the run of mine coal is washed and crushed into various sizes to liberate fines of less than- 5 mm size to obtain least ash content. The slurry containing these fines is taken into thickeners for settling of coal fines. Thickener overflow water is re-circulated in the beneficiation process.

In a non coking coal producing beneficiation plant, thickener underflow coal fines are further taken into dewatering system, like centrifuge or belt filters, to reduce moisture, while in a Coking grade washing plant, the thickener underflow is taken into flotation cell to separate coal particles of the least ‘possible ash content and highest calorific value.

ADDSORN CW series of polymers are available for thickener as well as dewatering application.
Bauxide is digested with Sodium Hydroxide at high temperature resulting in Sodium Aluminate Solution which contains undigested Bauxide residue or red mud in suspension. The chemicals components of red mud primarily include some oxide of silica, aluminium, iron, calcium and titanium or their hydroxides, with iron impurity responsible for brick red colour of red mud. This residual red mud is removed to get clear liquor containing Sodium Aluminate.

We offer a range of polymers for red mud settling and washing process. These polymers are structured to address property of the red mud which changes due to bauxide nature. Use of these flocculant ensure production of clear liquor from settlers and better recovery in washing processes.
Zinc beneficiation involves leaching of the Calcine in two stages , first being slightly acidic solution in order to leach the zinc out of the Zinc Oxide and the remaining Calcine is then leached in strong sulphuric acid to leach the rest of Zinc out of Zinc Oxide and Zinc ferrite. We offer flocculants for leach settling in both processes.
Acid leached slurry of uranium are treated with polyelectrolyte alone or in combination with guar .We offer products for this process in a range of charge density and molecular weight.
Iron Ore
During wet processing of Iron Ore, fine grinding is necessary for removal of gangue from the mineral. This slime is finally taken in a thickener for treatment before the water is either sent for reuse or discharged in the nature. Slime fines are very difficult to settle and most of the time the overflow from these settling tanks is colour creating problem for the plant to discharge it. Use of our recommended anionic flocculant with medium charge density or nonionic flocculant gives excellent results as the separation of fines and settling improves greatly.

In case of yellow ochre present or very high alumina content in the ore, the settling behaviour of the particles change. Use of medium molecular weight anionic or low molecular weight cationic product is recommended during such period along with use of lime to keep the pH in alkaline range.
Huge quantity of slime is produced during mineral processing of FLOURIDE. This slime is treated with high molecular weight anionic product to settle the fines effectively before discharge of the slime water in the nature or reuse in the plant.
In case of MANGANESE ore processing either nonionic or anionic product is used for treatment.
We offer flocculants for white sand washing for regeneration of water for recycling and reuse. Products are also available for CRT tube manufacturing plants for their waste water treatment and recycling.
We offer very effective polymeric coagulants and flocculants for Granite, Marble and other stone cutting and polishing plants for regeneration and reuse of water. We have products for almost every type of solid liquid separation in mining and beneficiation industry.