ADDRILL ® DRILLING FLUIDS for water based systems are core of our product range. We manufacture a range of polymeric drilling fluid (PHPA in emulsion & powder forms), Viscosifier, Dispersants, De-flocculants, Surfactants for drilling industry.

Polymeric drilling fluids for water based systems are core of our product range. We manufacture a range of drilling polymer in emulsion and powder form under the brand name of ADDRILL®

Products are based on Partially Hydrolysed Polyacrylamide (PHPA), Polyamines, Poly DADMAC (Poly diallyl dimethyl ammonium chloride), and Polyacrylate to enumerate the important ones.

Products are designed by deliberate combination of various monomers ( Copolymers, Terpolymer and more combinations ) to deliver the optimum results desired in the offshore and onshore drilling operations. Products with higher salt and thermal tolerance are available for extreme conditions.
Bentonite Extender
There is a declining trend of availability of quality Bentonite required for use in drilling, construction, mineral pelletisation, civil engineering, foundation pile etc. ADDRILL BE grade of polymers are designed to primarily improve viscosity and other application related characteristics for these applications. Product is available in powder (ADDRILL BE PW and ADDRILL BE EM) as well as emulsion form to be used pre or during milling of Bentonite to impart improved characteristics in end product. Use of this product helps in controlling solid content in fluid for better performance of the fluid.
We offer a range of polymeric viscosifiers in powder and emulsion form. Products vary in ionic charge and molecular weight. Products with high to ultra high molecular weight essentially represent the group. Use of these product deliver enhance viscosity in the drilling fluid which finally delivers better cutting carrying capacity, better bit lubrication for improved bit life , reduced bit balling for smooth drilling operation and reduction in filtration losses.
Shale & Clay Stabilizers
A range of product of varying molecular weight and ionic characteristics are available to improve shale stabilization thereby reduce shale and clay swelling in water base mud systems. They are ADDSORNed the shale and clay of borehole wall and cuttings surface and encapsulate them to prevent sticking nature hence swelling and sloughing resulting in borehole stability.
Fluid Loss Additives
Fluid loss in the permeable zones results into increased reaction with formation thus causing instable borehole due to increased cake thickness and mud instability in high permeable zones. Products based on natural and synthetic polymers serves to control the filtration loss and increase borehole stability.
Lost Circulation Additives
Fractured formation may be natural or formed due to unwanted high drilling fluid pressure in the hole will result in partial or complete loss of drilling fluid causing loss of material, time and efficiency of drilling operations. In addition to the proper process control measures like efficient and effective control of mud weight, annular friction pressure losses and conducting preventive tests, products are available broadly known as Lost Circulation Material or LCM category. We offer specialized products based on plug polymers , PU based polymers and cross linking polymers.
Dispersant & De-flocculants
Drilling fluid rheology plays most important role in controlling its functions. There is constant built up of drilled solids in the drilling fluid especially in spud mud systems. Dispersants and De-flocculants help in reducing viscosity by dispersing the solids in drilling fluid without further dilution of the mud thus save on cost of further addition of other additives due to increased volume.
Spotting Fluid
Stuck pipe may significantly affect the drilling operations. It may cause minor delays in work progress or may cause loss of drillstring or even cause complete loss of well. It may be caused by mechanical reasons due to physical obstruction in the bore hole which is easier to overcome, the sticking or jamming due to differential sticking. We offer weighted and unweighted spotting fluids.
Hydraulic Fracturing or Fracking
Hydraulic fracturing or Fracking require high viscosity fluid and friction reducing additives along with other constituents. We manufacture products of anionic and cationic grades for this application. These products are specially designed to give very high viscosity and are tolerant to high temperature and salinity.
Drilling Foam
We offer formulated proprietary products comprising a blend of surfactants to work as a high performance drilling foam for air rotary drilling and our products are compatible with the our ADDRILL® drilling polymers and organic based viscosifiers for enhanced performance to achieve stiff foam drilling operations.
We offer products viscosifier of anionic and cationic nature and surfactants for tertiary recovery. A range of viscosifier can be tailor engineered to suit unique needs of the well. Products are case sensitive hence are produced in close consultation with the drilling and mud formulation teams.
Drilling , production and completion activities require a range of basic chemicals and products like Mica of different grades, Caustic Soda, Soda Ash, Potassium Chloride, Calcium Chloride, Varity of material for water loss prevention, Weighting agents, Natural Polymers of various formulations. We provide one point solution of all requirements with our commitment to strict quality control and best cost control measures.
Waste water generated after drilling operations contain oil & grease, traces of various surfactants, solid loaded through cuttings and organic materials. It is mandatory to treat this water before discharge or reuse. We extend our expertise in selection of methods, equipments and required products to treat this waste water to the meet requirement of our clients.